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Cancer and Isopropyl Alcohol

I'll have an Isopropyl Martini please - extra dirty

I'll have an Isopropyl Martini please - extra dirty

The Truth About Rubbing Alcohol

Isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol has proven (in non-biased rational scientific communities) to be the underlying cause of all cancer. This petrochemical pops up as being the common denominator that ties cancer symptoms together regardless of the culture, age, gender or geographic location of the sufferer.

Because it is accepted as a cheap substitute for grain alcohol, it is used as a stabilizer in most commercial personal care and household products, to clean the machinery that processes food and beverages and is even rubbed on us before the skin is broken by hypodermic injection.

All in all, it is nasty stuff and should be limited to cleaning electronic components that reside outside of the body. Anyone that claims it to be otherwise, should prove the benign nature of this substance by drinking it. After all, if you can’t drink it without a trip to the emergency room, it probably shouldn’t go on your skin.

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